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Previous Questions and Answers

1. Why do you need to have silver fillings replaced?
For me, there are only two reasons for replacing silver fillings. The first is if there is decay under the filling. The second is if the tooth is broken. If a filling is replaced, tooth structure is removed which increases one’s chance of needing a root canal.

2. Why do you need a root canal and how painful is it going to be?
You need a root canal when there is a trauma to the tooth, whether it is from drilling, from a very large deep restoration, or from getting hit. The nerve responds in such a way that it dies, and when the nerve dies, it causes bacteria and pressure to build up and cause pain. The root canal consists of shaping, debriding, and cleaning the canal. The procedure usually makes the tooth very sore and for that you will need either ibuprofin or other pain medication.

3. Why do you need a crown?
You usually need a crown when the tooth is over 50% filling, when you have a “crack” in the tooth, when you have had a root canal, or to make the tooth look better. If you think you might need a crown, it is best to ask your dentist.

4. Why do you need to treat gum disease?
Gum disease is known as the silent killer. If it is not treated, you may lose many or all your teeth which would put you into a denture or partial denture. When you receive these procedures your chewing capacity is greatly diminished. It is always better to keep your teeth so you can chew and taste better. During your bi-yearly visit, your dentist can determine if you are suffering from gum disease.