We Specialize in Painless Dentistry Solutions in West Ashley

One of the most common reasons that people avoid the dentist is the fear of pain and discomfort.

Unfortunately, this fear of dental care can lead to very serious long-term oral health and dental problems.

For those of you who do suffer from the fear of the dentist, Dr. Michael J. Engel proudly offers Lowcountry residents painless dentistry.

Here is a quick breakdown of painless dentistry. Simply put, painless dentistry is when a dentist is working on you and you don’t feel anything at all. Dr. Engel uses cutting-edge dental technology; this new technology greatly reduces pain. Also, over the years major advances have been made in anesthetics, this causes the area being treated to be so numb the patient feels almost nothing, certainly not pain.

If you have avoided dental care in the past and are concerned about your overall oral and dental health, Dr. Engel and his painless dentistry may be the answer you have been waiting for.

We also can also accommodate IV sedation upon request. Those patients interested in IV sedation can schedule a Friday morning appointment.